pitch shot setup and swing

Distance Wedges – You Know, Those Shots You HATE (Ep.109)

Well, I know this methodology REALLY helped my game, and I know for a fact that most Tour players do something similar - including Nick Faldo.
scramble tournament tips

Scramble Advice for Beginners – How to Deliver Value to Your Team (Ep.108)

This session is all about a strategy for contributing to your team, and which areas you can focus on before you tee it up. Don't worry, you don't need to learn how to hit 300 yard drives the morning of the event.
pitching and chipping shot selection

A Logical Chipping and Pitching Strategy I Bet You Never Thought of Before (Ep.107)

All things remaining equal, try to land your chips and pitches in low areas rather than high areas. This strategy alone will improve your results.

How to Dial in Your Stock Greenside Bunker Shot (Ep.106)

The pros make it look so easy. Well, of course they practice a lot, but there are other reasons they get such great results out of the sand.

How to Fix Yourself Without Relying on a Golf Instructor (Ep.105)

I want you to be able to "read" your shots and know exactly why the ball goes where it does. Over time, this helps you to diagnose yourself
slicing a golf ball on purpose

How to Consistently Work the Ball Left and Right on Purpose (Ep.103)

If you miss to the right or slice the ball all the time, you're leaving the club face open. If you hook or miss left, the club is looking left at impact. It's that simple.