pitch shot setup and swing

Chipping Impact Position – The Coin Drill

This drill is intended to help you with making crisp clean contact with your chip shots. A chip shot is intended to be struck with a slight descending blow, making contact with the ball just prior to making any contact with the turf. This…
pitch shot distance control

Pitch Shot Distance Control

  Controlling the distance of your pitch shots is so important that it warrants its own instructional article. As I’ve mentioned with all short game shots, we want to do our best to allow the length of our swing to correlate to the…
pitch shot setup and swing

Pitch Shot Stance and Motion

Pitching the ball is when we are around the green and require the ball to fly higher in the air and stop more quickly. This is helpful for when we need to hit over something, such as a bunker or slope, or if the ball is sitting in heavier…
chipping stance and motion

Golf Chipping Stance and Motion

  For most players, I normally suggest putting whenever possible.The chip shot is used when putting is not going to be practical and we need to pop the ball up in the air just a little bit and get it running to the target. The chip…