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Golf Essentials – Daily Insights for Weekend Warriors (Ep.1)

Golf Essentials is Casey Bourque's way of meeting you where you are with a "tell it like it is" methodology for feeling better about playing golf - answering all your questions, live Q&A sessions, practice planning, drills, tips, and insights to make the best use of the limited time you have at the course. Casey explains the approach and principles that took him from a small town in Maine to playing in the US Open Championship.
golf shot carry and roll

Precision Golf – Learn Carry and Roll Distances

Tour pros understand carry distance versus total distance. Many amateurs focus exclusively on total distance rather than how the ball actually got there. For example, many people will ask how far I drive the ball. Well, that depends on wind,…
practicing golf

Making the Most of Your Golf Practice Time

  I recognize that most people have only a limited amount of time to practice and to work on their golf game. To make the best use of your time, I suggest we focus more on the quality of our practice as opposed to the quantity of shots…
golf tournament play

Competitive Golf and Preparing for Tournaments

  Whether you're playing in a Major Championship on the PGA Tour or just a regular game with your buddies, you're competing on some level. If the game is important enough for you to care about your results, it may be important enough…
golf swing pre shot routine

Golf Swing – Pre-Shot Routine

  Your pre-shot routine is the process that you go through prior to hitting each golf shot. This includes gathering information on distance, wind, and your situation, organizing your thoughts and setting a shot plan in your mind, any…
golf shot angle of attack

Golf Swing – Angle of Attack

  When we mention the term angle of attack, what we’re looking at is the direction from which the club head is approaching impact with the ball. This is how the club will influence where the ball will travel. First, if we take a…
golf shot ball flight laws

Golf Ball Flight Laws

  Ball flight law discussion is one of the more technical concepts in our series. Please bear with me just a little bit because understanding these concepts will prove enormously important as you develop your golf game. Only when we…
golf shot height and length

Science of Golf – Shot Dimensions

  As we're practicing and analyzing each golf shot that we hit, consider that there are three dimensions worth looking at in terms of ball flight. The first dimension everyone thinks about is the distance that the ball travels. Normally,…
enjoying golf

Beginning Golf and Enjoying the Game

  I recognize there’s a degree of stress, especially for beginners, with getting out onto the golf course with players of more experience. It’s natural to feel as though you might get in the way, negatively affect their game, or…
short game strategy

Golf Short Game Strategies and Shot Selection

  I consider the short game to be every shot that we hit from a distance inside of a full swing with our shortest iron. For instance, if we hit a full lob wedge 75 yards, then the short game begins from that point to the hole. This…