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Golf Essentials – Daily Insights for Weekend Warriors (Ep.1)

Golf Essentials is Casey Bourque's way of meeting you where you are with a "tell it like it is" methodology for feeling better about playing golf - answering all your questions, live Q&A sessions, practice planning, drills, tips, and insights to make the best use of the limited time you have at the course. Casey explains the approach and principles that took him from a small town in Maine to playing in the US Open Championship.
woods and hybrids golf clubs

Golf Club Design – Woods and Hybrids

  When we consider the design of woods and hybrids, much like irons, they vary significantly allowing for different types of golf shots. A typical set of woods and hybrids nowadays may include a driver, 3-wood, maybe a 5-wood, along…
golf club iron design

Golf Club Design – Irons

  At time throughout this series, we will reference the design features of your golf clubs and associated terminology. When we talk about irons, they are of course numbered from low to high, perhaps from 4 or 5-iron through 9-iron.…
choosing your golf equipment

Choosing Your Golf Equipment

  Although not the main focus of this instruction series, I feel it appropriate to address some common questions beginners often have about equipment. First, when we look at the make up of your set, you’ll want to not only consider…