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Thanks for Participating on the Podcast

Couple quick things. 

I’m super appreciative that you’re taking the time to talk with me on the podcast.

My goal is to deliver as much value for my audience and for you as I can…in that order.

• For context, my audience is a blend of weekend warrior golfers, instructors, golf operators, and golf geeks.

• Please let me know if there’s anything we can discuss that will benefit you or your business. If we can take the conversation that way, we will.

• Best thing is to just be yourself…no sales pitches and fake stuff…just good old fashioned Q&A and chatting.

The Game Plan:

1. Call into our conference line at the agreed time: (646) 558-8656 Meeting ID: 959 420 6922

2. We’ll be recording the call, but no stress, we can remove anything that isn’t cool.

3. We chat like real people, ask questions, give answers, whatever comes up.

4. We’ll clean it up and edit for production (usually a couple days)

5. I’ll make sure you get copies if you want, tag you in posts, you’ll share as you wish, and we’ll try to get as much milage out of our time together as possible.


If you need to reach me, email is best: or hit me up on Twitter (@caseybourque) or DM.

Looking forward!