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The Big-Time Advantages of Local Synergies Between Golf Courses - Clustering (Ep.33)

The advantages for golfers when multiple golf courses team up is obvious. We get more holes to play golf on for our money. What's really cool is that when one course is closed for business because of a tournament or course maintenance procedure, we've got other options. Not only that, golf is just more fun when you have more variety...otherwise it's just too easy right?
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Disrupting the Online Clothing Retail Industry - Bogeybox Golf Club (Ep.32)

Super cool conversation with Nik Bando, founder of Bogeybox Golf Club. So, Nik figured out that he (along what turns out to be a ton of other people out there) hates to go shopping - especially for clothing. I'm definitely included in that group. His solution is one that plays on a beautiful blend of technology and white glove personalized customer service.

Private Golf Course Turnaround Case Study - John Brown's Hybrid Solution (Ep.31)

KPI Golf Management’s John Brown discusses a Hilton Head area private golf course that was struggling with membership attrition in the Hilton Head market.

Simple Tip for Crisp Contact with Your Chips and Pitches from Tight Lies (Ep.30)

Lately I've been struggling a bit with my chipping and pitching. I've felt like it's been a challenge to make clean contact consistently from poor lies and tight lies. Basically, if the ball isn't sitting up perfectly, my confidence hasn't been to high lately.

Know a Golf Instructor Bringing Big Impact? Here's a Stage to Share Their Story (Ep.29)

I Believe the Golf Instruction System is Broken. I'm sorry, but golf lessons are too long, too complicated, too expensive and too far in between. $300/hour isn't bringing anyone into this game, and I want to give a voice to the teacher who are doing it right.
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A Whole New World for Amputees Playing Golf - Sports Science Solutions & K-Motion (Ep.28)

Sports Science Solutions and K-Motion are teaming up to develop specific biomechanical roadmaps and processes adapted for those with specific amputations...
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Hate Bermuda Grass Greens Like Me? 4 Simple Ways to Deal with Grain (Ep.27)

So when I came down to play college golf in Florida, it drove me nuts. In fact, I blame grain for my nearly career ending bout with the yips. This episode is all about helping you putt better on grainy greens based on what I've learned over the years.
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Indoors or Outdoors - Here's a Killer Putting Challenge for You (Ep.26)

Finish this Challenge and I'll be Super Impressed. I learned this drill when I was back in college playing at Florida Southern. Lee Janzen, former US Open Champion and FSC alum came back to practice with the team a few times. Lee's always been an incredible putter, and this was a drill he worked on every day. 
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Sir Nick Faldo Elite Swing Clinic on Practice, Swing Sequence & Preparation (Ep.25)

This special swing clinic was part of a private session offered to some elite International Junior Golf Tour players playing at Bella Colina in Orlando. The coolest part about it was that the content was designed for top level players. Nick got into details that I'm sure he normally wouldn't with the general public. 
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KPI Golf's John Brown Shares Survival Advice for Underperforming Golf Clubs (Ep.24)

Longtime friend John Brown joins us and we tap into his 40+ years of golf operations experience. John shares a bunch of insights into where the golf industry is heading and how golf clubs are going to need to aggressively compete for market share in the coming years. 
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Nick Faldo Wedge Play Clinic - Benchmarking Distances & Tournament Preparation (Ep.23)

This clinic was conducted for 1 hour and 20 minutes for elite junior golfers, so Nick is talking about real competitive topics. He made a point to mention earlier in the session that playing tournament golf is an entirely different sport than casual golf...requiring different approaches. I was very lucky to have the chance to participate in the group of only 12 -15 people on hand that day at Bella Colina in Orlando.
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Hit Hooks and Slices on Purpose - Tips for Calibrating the Curve (Ep.22)

We know that opening the club face will yield a slice, and closing the face will hook the ball...but how much? I feel it's super important to fall back on a game plan, or at least to have practiced the shots before you deploy them on the golf course.
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Simple Science of Optimal Athletic Performance - Casey Cox of Sports Science Solutions (Ep.21)

Now, I know what you're thinking - high-tech diodes, bones and muscles, it's all too technical for me. But, that's the coolest part. While these guys are using data for elite golfers and hockey players, they're also doing incredible things to dummy it all down for the average guy.
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Why You Need to Ask Your Instructor for the Shortest Golf Lessons Possible (Ep.20)

I Believe that Traditional Golf Lessons are Best for the Instructor, not the Student. Learning to play golf is a lot like learning a language. Everyone is bad in the beginning, and the the benefits you derive are directly proportionate to the efficiency of the work you put in. That's fancy talk for "you can't fake it". 
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The Putting Yips - One Rainy Day from Quitting Golf (Ep.19)

This is a segment of a keynote presentation I did at Golf Academy of America in Orlando. I get into a phase of my college and amateur golf career where I had a debilitating bout with the putting yips.
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Playing in a Scramble Golf Tournament? How to be a Killer Teammate (Ep.18)

Scrambles are a Whole Different Animal - You Can Cheat! So, I'm teeing it up in a scramble golf tournament tomorrow. I wanted to share some thoughts, especially for beginners on how to navigate your day and have a great time.
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Sidehill Lies - Why Your Strategy is Probably Only Half True (Ep.17)

After you've been playing golf for some time, you're bound to hear this rule of thumb: If the ball is below your feet, play for a slice. If the ball's above your feet, play for a hook. Well, that statement is only half true. Literally. 
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1-Hour Golf Practice Blueprint - Stay Connected, Trajectory Work, Bunkers & Putting (Ep.16)

Here's your hour of practice broken down for you. We're starting off on the range with a great drill to help your arms stay connected with your body as you rotate. We run into a lot of problems when we lift our arms away from the body during the swing. Next, we're going to experiment with hitting shots of different trajectories.
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The Business Case for Free Golf Lessons | Keynote at Golf Academy of America (Ep.15)

One of my strongest presentations to date. Lots of continuing dialogue and positive feedback from the audience on this one...Here's my keynote speech at The Golf Academy of America’s Orlando Campus. The talk is geared for the students (all ages) at the school getting educated on careers in the golf industry - golf instruction, golf operations, tournament play, and golf management.
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Bunker Play Basics - How to Develop Your Stock Sand Shot (Ep.14)

This episode is all about bunker play. In basic terms, we handle bunker shots a lot like pitch shots, but there are a few important variables we'll need to learn to account for. First, everything is determined by the lie. Learning to assess what you're capable of from different lies comes with practice and simple trial and error. If the ball is sitting down, we need the club to dig into the sand. If we've got a good lie, we'll want the club to slide into the sand.