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Golf Essentials – Daily Insights for Weekend Warriors (Ep.1)

Golf Essentials is Casey Bourque's way of meeting you where you are with a "tell it like it is" methodology for feeling better about playing golf - answering all your questions, live Q&A sessions, practice planning, drills, tips, and insights to make the best use of the limited time you have at the course. Casey explains the approach and principles that took him from a small town in Maine to playing in the US Open Championship.

2. Golf Equipment Basics

If you're eventually going to get serious about golf, you'll need to know something about the equipment you're using. Every club serves a specific purpose, each with some components you should understand. When it comes to buying, I'll offer…

5. The Golf Swing – A Step-by-Step Walk Thru

Don't worry, we're not getting technical here. It's just a good idea for you to learn the basics of what your body and the golf club should be doing (generally) throughout a good golf swing. This knowledge can help you weed out bad information…

3. How to Make the Most of Your Practice Time

Rapid firing hundreds of balls onto a driving range is no way to improve. Make the best use of the limited practice time you have. Tips and drills are helpful, but leaning on them too heavily isn't good either. Golf's an exercise in self-inspection…
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4. Gripping the Club for Distance & Consistency

I get it, everyone wants to hit the ball long and straight...every time. A proper golf grip is the closest thing to the secret remedy you're ever going to find - without a good grip, I'm telling you you're guaranteed to struggle. Get it down…
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1. Get Comfortable at The Golf Course

Let's face it, fancy country clubs with their rules, dress codes and strange traditions can be really intimidating places. The first barrier we've got to break down for you is helping you get comfortable at the golf course. If you're not happy…