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Long Irons

I’ll forewarn that the longer irons are difficult clubs for most players to strike consistently with appropriate trajectory…meaning, they’re tough clubs to get the ball up in the air. For most beginners, I recommend more forgiving and easier to manage hybrid clubs as replacements for your longest irons. Long irons are intended to hit the ball […]


Middle Irons

  The the middle irons are what many players find themselves practicing the most on the driving range. Good middle iron players possess a blend of power found with the longer clubs, combined with the precision and distance control needed with shorter irons. With these clubs, we’re still hitting the ball a fair distance therefore […]


Golf Swing – Learn from Your Finish Position

Consider our finish position an opportunity for us to immediately gain the most critical feedback about each golf swing we make. I advise you not to neglect this opportunity if you want to improve your game most expeditiously. The goal of a proper finish position is to complete the golf swing in good balance, with […]


Setting Up for the Golf Swing – Ball Position

When we talk about ball position, imagine a straight line drawn perpendicular to the target line, from the ball to your feet. Take notice where the ball is located relative to where you are standing. A forward ball position is when the ball is located more toward the target, or off your left foot, relative […]


Golf Swing Stance and Posture

  Posture is an important and often overlooked fundamental in the game of golf. Contrary to what most non-golfers might believe, we are making a very athletic motion. It’s important to prepare yourself in terms of balance and stance just like any other athlete. You should feel comfortable, agile, and in perfect balance before the […]


Gripping a Golf Club Correctly

  To me, a proper grip is one of the most important factors when developing a repeatable and reliable golf game. Directionally speaking, I define an effective grip as one that will return the club face back to its starting position, and here’s the key, without manipulation. For example, if we start with the club […]