Entries by Casey Bourque

Nick Faldo Wedge Play Clinic – Benchmarking Distances & Tournament Preparation (Ep.23)

This clinic was conducted for 1 hour and 20 minutes for elite junior golfers, so Nick is talking about real competitive topics. He made a point to mention earlier in the session that playing tournament golf is an entirely different sport than casual golf…requiring different approaches. I was very lucky to have the chance to participate in the group of only 12 -15 people on hand that day at Bella Colina in Orlando.

The Business Case for Free Golf Lessons | Keynote at Golf Academy of America (Ep.15)

One of my strongest presentations to date. Lots of continuing dialogue and positive feedback from the audience on this one…Here’s my keynote speech at The Golf Academy of America’s Orlando Campus. The talk is geared for the students (all ages) at the school getting educated on careers in the golf industry – golf instruction, golf operations, tournament play, and golf management.

Bunker Play Basics – How to Develop Your Stock Sand Shot (Ep.14)

This episode is all about bunker play. In basic terms, we handle bunker shots a lot like pitch shots, but there are a few important variables we’ll need to learn to account for. First, everything is determined by the lie. Learning to assess what you’re capable of from different lies comes with practice and simple trial and error. If the ball is sitting down, we need the club to dig into the sand. If we’ve got a good lie, we’ll want the club to slide into the sand.

Take Better Photos with your Phone – Tips from Golf Photographer Cy Cyr (Ep.11)

Cy Cyr has arguably become one of the world’s top golf photographers…and we’ve know each other since we were 5 living in Maine. I wanted to know how I can be taking better pictures with my phone…and he didn’t disappoint. Cy’s been in the room with everyone in golf – Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Rory McIlroy…you get the idea. He shoots for Golf Channel, Golf Digest and others…so he knows his stuff.

Do You Fear Those Half Wedge Shots? Don’t. (Ep.10)

This wedge play technique changed my golf life. I was able to turn an absolute fear of 30, 50, 60 yard wedge shots into a strength of my game. These shots require a special approach that brings distance control and consistent impact with the golf ball every time. I’m super passionate about this part of the game, and I think this lesson is one that’s going to help every single player out there.