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Golf Instruction Articles

Drawing from playing experience on the PGA Tour, instructing at elite private facilities, and a lifetime of golf passion, Casey Bourque has published over 50 golf instruction articles on this website (for FREE) covering every major aspect of the game: driving the ball with accuracy and powerfairway woods and hybridsiron playspecialty shots and unique situationsshort game, pitching and chippingputtingpractice drillschoosing the best golf clubs and equipment, and fundamental rules of golf and functional golf etiquette.

PGA Professional Videos

Keeping it short and simple, Casey’s style of instruction is geared toward simplicity and logic…sticking to material that will improve your golf over time. He has compiled over twenty golf instructional videos covering skills most likely to improve your golf scores: a complete beginner golf instruction clinic, tips for gripping the golf club, golf pitch shots, flop shots, bunker play drills and strategy, popular putting grips, reading greens, specialty shots like sidehill and uphill lies, and other game improvement videos.

Golf Practice Drills

Make the most of the limited practice time you have with efficient use of appropriate drills. Swing aids and crafted exercised can make practicing golf more interesting and much more productive. Check out drills to help you with all areas of your game, for example, the bunker sand impact line drill, pitch shot leap frog drill, chipping impact position (coin) drill, putting drills like the ladder drill, 4-station putting challenge, and pull back putting contests. Full swing drills like the golf swing plane dowel drill will help your ball striking.

Beginning Golf Curriculum

We’ve laid out specific programing for beginning golfers, emphasizing the parts of the game that will improve your game the quickest: a complete beginner golf swing clinic,  driving the ball, iron play setup and swing, short game like pitch shots, chip shots and bunker play around the green, putting technique and strategy. We also have articles and videos touching on the rules of golf and basic etiquette that will allow you to get out onto the golf course and play with just about any group without fear of interfering or embarrassment.

Golf Instruction

beginnersguidecoverOver 60 Golf Lessons, Drills, Instructional Videos, and learning materials designed specifically for beginners. We’ve included everything you’ll ever need to focus on in golf…from getting comfortable on the golf course, to specialty shots and practice routines…all in the palm of your hand.

US Open &
PGA Tour Experience

The experience of playing in the US Open will stay with me forever. There are only 156 players in the field…unbelievable when you think that every golfer on this earth would like to be playing in this event.

The week started with a drive from Charlottesville, VA on Saturday. I spent the night in New Jersey at my friend Eugene’s house and woke early on Sunday so that I could get out there for an extra practice round…

Recent Golf Lessons

Making the Most of Your Golf Practice Time

I recognize that most people have only a limited amount of time to practice and to work on their golf game. To make the best use of your time, I suggest we focus more on the quality of our practice as opposed to the quantity of shots that we hit.

What I mean is to always try to do our best to simulate in practice what we will be confronted with on the golf course. Treat each shot in practice as we would a real shot during a round of golf, assessing the situation, going through our pre-shot routine, and visualizing the intended outcome. I understand this takes patience and perhaps imagination…more on effective golf practice

Driving the Ball with Accuracy and Power

Whenever we move the ball position so far to the left, there are a couple of tendencies you should consider. The first is that many players will lean to their left side as they address the ball, this defeats the purpose of moving the ball forward in our stance. Keep your weight centered regardless of where you position the ball.

Secondly, with the ball positioned left, players often turn their upper body to face the ball, which results in opened shoulders at setup. It’s okay, in fact encouraged, to allow your right shoulder to sink a little bit lower than your left shoulder.…more on driving the golf ball

Golf Pitching Distance Control - The Leap Frog Drill

This drill is very helpful in establishing rhythm, feel, and distance control with your lofted wedges. You’ll probably want to be on the driving range for this drill, as you’ll need some space and plenty of golf balls.

Using your sand wedge or your lob wedge, start by making a small chip of perhaps 10 or 15 feet. Note where the ball ends up, as this will serve as your target for your next shot. The goal for shot number two is to have the ball land on top of the ball you played in shot number one…more on golf pitch shots

Fairway Woods Setup and Golf Swing

The goal with fairway woods and hybrid clubs is normally to advance the ball a long distance from the fairway toward the green, or to position the ball accurately off the tee. In either case, we are hitting the ball a significant distance and need to set up accordingly.

Your stance will be perhaps shoulder width or just a bit wider, but perhaps not as wide as with the driver. The rule of thumb with fairway woods and hybrids is to position the ball an inch or two inside of your left heel…more on fairway woods and hybrids

Greenside Bunker Play - Direction Calibration Drill

This is an important drill to help you determine your alignment for your greenside bunker shots. As you know, we normally set up to bunker shots with an open club face in order to best utilize the bounce on our sand wedge. The effect of this setup position are shots that clearly launch to the right of where we are swinging. This process will help you understand just how much to the left you will need to aim in order to account for this fact, allowing your shots to end up on line with your target.

You’ll need to be in a bunker with some golf balls and your sand wedge. Establish a precise target…a flagstick on the green works great. Either draw lines in the sand…more on greenside bunker play

Rules of Golf - Options for Unplayable Lies

If you find your ball in play, but in a circumstance where you are not able to make a swing or advance the ball, then you are always entitled to claim an unplayable lie. Under this rule, you incur a one-stroke penalty, but are permitted to take relief from your troubling situation.

There are three specific options when taking an unplayable lie. The first option is to go back to the point from where you played your last shot. The second option is to drop your ball within two club lengths of where the ball came to rest, without moving closer to the hole. The third and final option is to take the flagstick…more on rules of golf

Golf Swing Aim and Alignment

Alignment is the concept of addressing the golf ball with your body and club face directed precisely at the intended target. If consistent results are expected, then a consistent alignment is necessary. Otherwise, if a player’s alignment changes for every golf shot, every golf swing must change in order to produce consistent results.

Determine a Target and Target Line
Once all other variables have been considered (wind, slope, hazards, lie, etc.), you must decide on a distinct point where you intend the ball to finish. Let’s assume a straight ball flight is desired; working the ball will come later…more on setup and golf swing

Choosing Your Golf Equipment

Although not the main focus of this instruction series, I feel it appropriate to address some common questions beginners often have about equipment.

First, when we look at the make up of your set, you’ll want to not only consider the total distance that each club is capable of producing, but also the trajectory and playability of certain clubs. Nowadays, many players choose to carry lofted fairway woods or hybrid clubs instead of less forgiving long irons. These clubs might hit the ball the same distance, but…more on golf equipment

Sand Wedge Design - Bounce Angle Explained

Tour players have no trouble out of greenside bunkers…of course they are practicing all the time, but more so because they are setting themselves up for success. If we understand how  a sand wedge is designed, and how to set up for a greenside bunker shot, there is much more margin for error than many beginners and higher handicappers believe.

If we take a closer look at your send wedge, we know that it is one of the most lofted clubs in your bag, perhaps with approximately 56° of loft. If we look at the underside, or the sole of the club, you’ll notice that the trailing edge sits…more on sand wedge play

Putting Stance and Stroke

Putting is probably the most important, yet least practiced area of the game of golf. Putting will account for over 40% of the shots taken in most rounds of golf, but remains the most neglected area of most players’ games. Most dismiss putting as mere luck, but I can assure you that there is just as much, if not more knowledge to be had around a putting green than on a practice range.

Two Dimensions
Putting is carried out on a 2-dimensional plane. There are only two factors to control in every putt that you hit: Distance and Direction…more on putting

US Open First Tee

About Casey

Casey Bourque is a Certified PGA Golf Instructor and accomplished player living in Orlando, Florida. His instruction materials have been viewed by over 1,000,000 people worldwide.

Here’s Casey teeing it up in the 2004 US Open Championship. He holds 5 course records, 3 NCAA National Titles, a State Amateur Championship, 5 holes in one, and some other pretty cool accomplishments.

His e-book The Interactive Beginner’s Guide to Golf has garnered 5 star ratings in Amazon and iTunes book stores, and his PGA Golf Day program has raised nearly $2,000,000 for golf-related charities.

Through his book and this website, he specifically helps recreational players improve their golf. Casey’s methods are designed to be easily employable for those with limited practice time. He narrows the focus to the core concepts that produce measurable results for your game.


Casey, thank you for your videos. So many golf “lesson” videos I find on youtube are put up by people who are just trying to sell themselves. Can’t wait to hit the range tomorrow.

Brandon LegnionSubscriber

Hi Casey,  Thank you for providing these great videos.  I’m looking for guidance in what short game shots I need to lower my golf scores.  Your videos on short game are exactly what I need.

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Hi Casey, I’ve watched all your vids and I think they’re worth more than any lesson I’ve paid money for with my local UK pro’s! Excellent instructions, thanks for posting them, they’ve helped me fall in love with the game again. Best wishes from the UK

Youtube Follower

Awesome advice man, this has answered so many questions for me. I’ve already put this to use with amazing results. Now I can use my driver again. No more long irons off the tee for me. Thanks a million!


Tried these tips at the range today, and the results were great. I almost instantly lost all my slice and i got a greater distance! THANK YOU!

Bruno HermanssonSubscriber

These videos combined with lessons have been priceless in improving my game. Thanks Casey, well done!


This video is amazing! I’m never satisfied with being told to stand or swing in a certain way “just because”. Thank you for giving me the reasoning behind each part of the stance, and breaking it down so I can figure out where I can improve.

Jon SchaefleSubscriber

This video answers (with brilliant clarity) a lot of questions I have on the course, but forget by the time I get home. Thank you.

Dan AndersonSubscriber

I’ve had many lessons with many of the instructors informing me my shoulders are open. I think your advice on keeping the shoulders square to the target line is fantastic and the best I’ve ever heard, Thank You