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About Casey

Casey Bourque is a Certified PGA Golf Instructor and accomplished player living in Orlando, Florida. His instruction materials have been viewed by over 1,000,000 people worldwide.

Here’s Casey teeing it up in the 2004 US Open Championship. He holds 5 course records, 3 NCAA National Titles, a State Amateur Championship, 5 holes in one, and some other pretty cool accomplishments.

His e-book The Interactive Beginner’s Guide to Golf has garnered 5 star ratings in Amazon and iTunes book stores, and his PGA Golf Day program has raised nearly $2,000,000 for golf-related charities.

Through his book and this website, he specifically helps recreational players improve their golf. Casey’s methods are designed to be easily employable for those with limited practice time. He narrows the focus to the core concepts that produce measurable results for your game.


Casey, thank you for your videos. So many golf “lesson” videos I find on youtube are put up by people who are just trying to sell themselves. Can’t wait to hit the range tomorrow.

Brandon LegnionSubscriber

Hi Casey,  Thank you for providing these great videos.  I’m looking for guidance in what short game shots I need to lower my golf scores.  Your videos on short game are exactly what I need.

Jason RanneySubscriber

Hi Casey, I’ve watched all your vids and I think they’re worth more than any lesson I’ve paid money for with my local UK pro’s! Excellent instructions, thanks for posting them, they’ve helped me fall in love with the game again. Best wishes from the UK

Youtube Follower

Awesome advice man, this has answered so many questions for me. I’ve already put this to use with amazing results. Now I can use my driver again. No more long irons off the tee for me. Thanks a million!


Tried these tips at the range today, and the results were great. I almost instantly lost all my slice and i got a greater distance! THANK YOU!

Bruno HermanssonSubscriber

These videos combined with lessons have been priceless in improving my game. Thanks Casey, well done!


This video is amazing! I’m never satisfied with being told to stand or swing in a certain way “just because”. Thank you for giving me the reasoning behind each part of the stance, and breaking it down so I can figure out where I can improve.

Jon SchaefleSubscriber

This video answers (with brilliant clarity) a lot of questions I have on the course, but forget by the time I get home. Thank you.

Dan AndersonSubscriber

I’ve had many lessons with many of the instructors informing me my shoulders are open. I think your advice on keeping the shoulders square to the target line is fantastic and the best I’ve ever heard, Thank You


My Companies & Affiliations

Golf Instruction E-Book

Effective golf instruction doesn’t need to be expensive or confusing. This book provides exactly what you need to improve – in a clear, employable manner.

The golf industry has a way of inundating beginners with too much information, much of which doesn’t apply. Instructors vying for attention and the next best insight often profit from your confusion.

My goal was to hand deliver everything you need to get rolling, and to help you understand what you need to focus on. Honestly, this is all that I’ve ever really worked on in my career…every part of the game, videos, drills, rules, it’s all there.

   iTunes   5stars2

Youtube Instruction Channel

It all started with a couple quick instruction videos in Phoenix. About a million views later and I’ve found myself with an entire community of golfers asking questions, interacting and getting better.

The concept is simple, short lessons that you can take with you to the range. If you want to know about hitting your driver, there’s a video. If you need to improve your bunker play, there’s another 3 minute video.

Beyond the simple comments and responses in Youtube, many players have decided they want a little bit more. They’ve come to me with requests for regular practice help…what to work on every week on limited time and budget.

The program is helping millions get into the game or improve areas where they’ve plateaued. Again, I had no idea just a few friendly vids would turn into such a great resource for so many players.

PGA Golf Day

One of my most prized accomplishments in golf, PGA Golf Day is sneaking up on $2,000,000 raised for charities nationwide.

Over a lunch with the PGA of America in Phoenix, we decided to scale their 100-hole golf marathon online. In the first run, about 40 players raised $175,000 for the Arizona Special Olympics.

After that, my phone started ringing. We’ve grown to over 20 PGA Sections and some other Junior Golf Associations…6-figures every year goes a long way for growing the game.

Web Design Phoenix

My wife Martina started her company back in Germany 20+ years ago. She’s hugely talented and has done design work for the likes of Mercedes, Airbus, GreenPeace, Daimler Chrysler, Clariant and The PGA of America.

Martina is the creative genius in the group. We’ve got a great crew of programmers who help us out with all the geek stuff…while I just try to focus staying out of the way.

We build traditional websites for companies big and small…taking care of design, content, search engine optimization, e-commerce and hosting. Google Web Design in Phoenix and we’re at the top of the list.

Golf Digest Most Annoying Golf Partners

This was just a fun project I was asked to participate in. My great buddy Cy Cyr is a killer photographer and does a lot of work with The Golf Channel, The PGA Tour and Golf Digest.

He had the idea of doing this slide show of golf’s most annoying characters…apparently I’m a few of them.

The piece has been viewed some tens of millions of time on the Golf Digest site…really funny stuff.

Check out some of Cy’s work…he’s insanely good at what he does, and there aren’t many people in golf he hasn’t worked with.

  • The Fidgeter

  • Rangefinder Guy

  • The Rules Nazi

  • The Raker

  • The Snob

    golf digest annoying snob
  • The Distracted Boyfriend

  • The Sulker

On a Personal Note

Hi, my name is Casey Bourque, and I’m really grateful that our paths have crossed. If you’re getting into golf, I believe I have some insights and experiences that can have an incredible affect on your play. No expensive lessons, no complicated theories.

Truthfully, I feel like the current system of long, expensive, infrequent golf lessons are better suited for instructors than for students.

I might also suggest that thousands of “golf experts” vying attention has made the game excessively complex for the average guy. Many people in the business stand to gain from keeping everyone confused.

My mission is to give you nothing but the stuff that works, with free access to all the tools you need to improve.

I’m not interested in the next best fad, nor am I looking for attention. Golf isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Trust me.