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I come from a close knit, recreational golfing family in the very southernmost part of the state of Maine. My beginnings as a young golfer were on public golf courses in between little league games and summer hockey camps. I played most of my early golf in a group with 2 buddies in the group behind my father and his friends. We competed, but basically just had a good time. As my golf game improved, so proportionally did my travels and networking expand. I attended Florida Southern College earning a degree in Marketing and Finance, minoring in Mathematics. Check out my Professional Experience relating to my career, as well as my Playing Resume, which includes time on the PGA Tour for more details. I've played and taught golf throughout various parts of the US and all around the world with the privilege of coming to know some of the most extraordinarily talented people this game has to offer. More


I feel very fortunate in my competitive golfing life to have, in my opinion so far, "over achieved". I wasn't brought up for tournament golf, never had access to high level training facilities or professional instruction. I've been lucky in that I've always enjoyed practicing and competing. When I was a kid, my parents dropped me off at the golf course in the morning, and pick me up in the evening. I loved it. More

Golf Articles

I have authored over 50 golf articles mostly for beginners and intermediate players. These articles are expressions of my understanding of the game of golf through my teaching and competitive experience. I welcome questions and collaboration from you through this website or via social media and will be happy to answer any concerns you may have about your own game. If you like, you may also upload and send me a video of your golf swing for my opinion. I believe that readily and openly sharing information on the game will allow everyone to learn more quickly and effectively. Don't just take an instructor's word for it, ask questions, raise concerns, and seek to understand why things happen in your golf game. Some popular titles include driving, fairway woods, iron play, wedges, situation advice, specialty shots, putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, green reading, practice drills, rules, strategies and More


In recent years, my family and I have moved away from the traditional role of a PGA Professional. No longer am I an on-site Director of Golf or Head Golf Professional as in the past. My wife Martina and I have found joy in developing websites for Golf Organizations and Golf Professionals around the country. Our fundraising websites, including, have enabled PGA Sections and Junior Golf Associations in raising millions of dollars for their efforts in growing the game. We have developed websites for individual PGA Professionals designed to showcase their abilities, their accomplishments, to engage larger audiences, and to help the PGA Professionals compete for employment positions. More 

Instructional Videos

I have produced dozens of golf instructional videos geared for helping players with some of the more problematic areas of their games. Each video is showcased individually on this website and allow for your comments and questions. You may also visit my Youtube Channel or Blog to provide comments and ask questions as well. I believe that collaboration and the simple sharing of ideas and information in the game of golf can help many people learn from the experiences of others. Rather than accepting my instruction blindly, or anyone else's for that matter, ask all the questions you want, understand why things happen or need to happen with your golf. You'll learn and retain more. I am more than happy to help you out any way that I can. Some popular videos include subjects of Driving the Ball, Fairway Woods, Iron Play, Gripping the Club, Pitching the Golf Ball, Sidehill Lies, Beginner Clinics and More  

If you happen to like my style of instruction, check out my book on Amazon or iTunes